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Milo Dodson

Milo Dodson

Senior staff psychologist | UC-Irvine | Class of 2014

It wasn’t just the tasty lattes that lured Milo Dodson back to Espresso Royale time after time.

“Even prior to starting graduate school, it was the meeting point for my official campus visit," says the UC-Irvine senior staff psychologist (Ph.D. '14, counseling psychology).

"As a prospective student, it felt promising to know that I could potentially have meetings with faculty while sipping lattes and eating parfaits. This particular coffee shop would later become my go-to place on campus not only because it’s close to the College of Education, but it also felt like an aromatherapeutic retreat to reenergize and reinvigorate my mind and body.

"I still vividly remember hearing baristas proudly at work on the espresso machines, too, knowing that the magic they would create would help me push through my dissertation.

"I can’t express-o enough how grateful I am for that space.”