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Consuelo Waight

Consuelo Waight

2016 Fulbright scholar | University of Houston | Class of 2002

If it was a Saturday night, it's a good bet that Consuelo Waight was at the Regent Ballroom, in Savoy, dancing the night away.

The Fulbright scholar from Belize remembers "a great DJ with a mix of old and contemporary salsa and merenge songs — all I needed to decompress."

"La Negra Tiene Tumbao, by the famous Celia Cruz, was and continues to be my favorite song, and anytime I hear this song, my mind races to Champaign-Urbana — the place of so many crazy afterparties and sunrises. One after party, in particular, remains vivid. Myself, L and G were unable to access the afterparty because the gate was locked. So, we problem-solved: G climbed, L went under the gate and I was able to squeeze through the slots.

“University of Illinois, you gave me an amazing education, lots of salsa dancing and amazing friends."