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Pam Kuforiji

Pam Kuforiji

Past president, UI Black Alumni Network | AVID coordinator, Tefft Middle School of Streamwood

Four decades later, Pam Kuforiji still remembers the “humane and generous spirit” of a faculty member who went down as one of her favorites.

“I was one of only two seniors in Dr. Scott Poole's graduate speech communication class,” she says.

“None of the other graduate students wanted to be in a group with us. I walked around the room, as did the other senior, and was told, ‘No, our group is full.’

“Finally, we ended up with one another. 

"Dr. Poole, who had been watching, looked around the room with disgust. He said it was a lot of work for two people and he would place us in a group. We said no, we thought we could do it. 

"He met with us whenever we needed him. He showed an extraordinary amount of care and concern. We were the only group who did not ask for an extension and earned As in the class.

“Did I mention that Laura and I were the only African American and Jew in the class?

“It has been over 40 years. I will never forget his humane and generous spirit.”