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Lynn Price

Lynn Price

Social entrepreneur | Alumni Humanitarian Award | Class of 1977

Sigma Delta Tau is where Lynn Price — 2014 Alumni Humanitarian Award winner — stood in cap and gown, surrounded by sorority sisters, on a May 1977 day, overwhelmed with emotions over what she’d just accomplished.

“I spent most of my childhood in foster care. Stats (say) that most former youth in foster care do not attend college, let alone graduate, and from a top-10 school," she says.

“I so proudly wore my cap and gown standing on the front steps of 1104 Nevada with my sorority sisters alongside. It was a moment of insurmountable accomplishment, fulfillment and joy that continues to resonate. And, then putting on a cap and gown again and being acknowledged on-stage at commencement at Memorial Stadium for the Alumni Humanitarian Award in 2014, I felt that same sense of pride, accomplishment, fulfillment and joy."