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Rachel Scott

Rachel Scott

Librarian, associate professor | University of Memphis | Class of 2005

Formidable. Passionate. Influential.

Sylvia Stone was all that — and then some — in the admiring eyes of Rachel Scott.

“Professor Stone is, without a doubt, the most influential person I encountered at UIUC,” says the University of Memphis librarian/associate professor, a two-degree UI grad who received her bachelor’s in music (2005) and master’s in library and information science (2007).

“What a formidable figure. As one of a few undergraduates in Professor Stone’s studio, I learned to be impeccably prepared, and also open to others’ input.

“Although I do not work as an opera singer, the lessons learned from Professor Stone and my peers remain relevant: know your stuff, set high expectations, demonstrate passion and, of course, practice makes better.

“Professor Stone once stopped me in the middle of the piece and demanded, ‘Where is your temperament? A singer’s temperament must come through!’

“I reflect on that moment as a crucial lesson. She taught me that it was OK to be me, indeed it was welcome.”