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People 35 2007

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Todd BenDor

Professor of city and regional planning

UNC-Chapel Hill

Louise Lee Ryoo


El Roble Home Care

Rachel Scott

Librarian, associate professor

University of Memphis

Pam Lins

Director, accounting/reporting


Joshua Finnell

Head of research/instruction

Colgate Case Library and Geyer Center

Ariel Avila

General manager

Sonder of Montreal

Jordan Batt

CEO, co-founder

Endurance Direct, Northbrook

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Troy Pryor

Founder, CEO

Creative Cypher, GOOD Network

Paula Welander

Stanford assistant professor

Earth System Science

Josh Yellin

Head of global operations

Google Launchpad

Emily Garnett

Denver attorney

Champaign native

Lyndsay Gant

Program director

Northwestern Medicine

Andy Friedl

Director, Swyfft

Analytics, data science

Katie Tryon

Senior specialist

Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Veronica Apostolas

Alumni chapter president

Mexico City

Lisa Woodward

Sports sponsorship manager

Anheuser-Busch InBev

George Symeonides

Vice-consul/foreign service

U.S. State Department

Jon Lee Brody

LA-based filmmaker

Iron Will Productions

Vincent Lee

Breaking news editor/China

Reuters of Beijing

Ryan Johnson

Communications director

American Heart Association

Seth Gruen

National baseball columnist

Bleacher Report

Ethan Henderson

Curator, Main Library

Georgetown University

Dustin Canter

D.C. Director

International Sports Chamber

Ted Land

Emmy-winning journalist

KING-TV, Seattle

Andrew Friedman

Human rights researcher

Columbia University