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Ted Kemp

Ted Kemp

Managing editor | CNBC International Digital | Class of 1997

Memories are all that remain of the Campustown hot spot Ted Kemp frequented as a journalism grad student in the mid-'90s. 

“When I think back to late 1996 and early 1997, my memory returns to a place that’s no longer around — B-W3 on Green Street," says CNBC's Singapore-based international digital managing editor. 

"It had a bar upstairs that served Leinenkugel Red, which, coming from New York, I had never experienced before, buffalo wings and a downstairs pool table. My journalism grad school workload, plus a TA job, pretty much whacked my free time. But when we could find freedom, my aspiring journo friends and I headed to B-W3 to drop Leinies and shoot stick.

"The pool room was competitive — winners played and losers walked, so we always tried to run the table, beating back challengers for as long as possible. I loved playing teams with my buddy Mike, also a J-school guy, and taking on strangers. It got competitive, and that felt good after a long day going to lectures, grading papers, doing interviews and writing. 

“The first time my sophisticated, graphic designer girlfriend visited from Chicago, I took her to B-W3 and was surprised how much she liked it. The night Princess Diana lost her life in Paris, I saw the live broadcast on a TV in B-W3 and was surprised how sad the event made me.

"And the last night the J-school grad students were together in one place before we moved on to the wider world, it was B-W3.”