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Amanda Wright

Amanda Wright

Senior counsel | TD Ameritrade | Class of 2001

A self-described introvert, Amanda Wright was “scared to death” when she reported to her dorm room on the second floor of Scott Hall in the fall of 1994.

"I came from a small farming town, didn’t know more than a handful of people on campus and was assigned a random roommate from the suburbs," says the TD Ameritrade senior counsel. "But that stranger — and several others who lived on our floor — became family, and I came out of my shell.

"I remember way too many cold nights when we hustled home from Kam’s without coats and ordered Papa John’s breadsticks to warm us up. And our ill-fated attempt to start an anonymous floor newsletter, which we posted in the bathroom at midnight and called 'The Pooper Scooper.'

“We still get together regularly and laugh until our sides hurt about the crazy year we had on ‘Scott 2N.’ Our children are now friends but most of our stories aren’t things we can talk about in front of the kids.”