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Vince Fabrizio

Vince Fabrizio

Director, client services | Dow Jones | Class of 2004

Oh, the stories the men in Vince Fabrizio’s family could tell of their time in Campustown. 

“I always think about the Illini Inn and Bonnie and Jean’s. My dad and uncle worked there in the early ’70s and my uncle is very proud to be Mug Club card number 6," says Fabrizio, Chicago-based director of client services for Dow Jones.

“It isn’t so much that I went there all the time as a student; it was the reminder of all the stories from the previous generation as I walked around campus. They loved the college experience and a lot had changed, but a lot had not changed at all. 

"I understand that the inn is no more, but I would have similar thoughts at Lincoln or Greg Hall, or walking by the record store on Green Street."