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Adrian Hochstadt

Adrian Hochstadt

Deputy CEO | American Veterinary Medical Association | Class of 1982

During his four years on campus, Adrian Hochstadt got a dual education for the price of one — one from the political science department, the other from spending afternoons on the Quad.

“My wife and I both attended U of I and have many, many fond memories of our college days. One of those memories is Preacher Max drawing a crowd on the Quad in front of the Illini Union and performing an outrageous sermon vilifying various behaviors of college life as the crowd grew larger and larger,” says the American Veterinary Medical Association‘s deputy CEO.

“The interaction between Max and the spectators was priceless. Every time I walked past the spectacle, I could not help myself by spending a few moments of entertainment.

“I was there from 1978 to '82. I often wondered how long Max preached on the Quad and whether someone else took the task in later years.”