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Alice B. McGinty

Alice B. McGinty

Children’s book author | Urbana Adult Ed instructor

Forty-plus children's books, three decades and umpteen awards ago, aspiring author Alice B. McGinty could often be found in her secret writing spot.

All the greats have at least one — that “quiet, out-of-the-way place, where I can sit, think and work,” as McGinty (Class of ’86) describes it.

“When I was at the U of I, one of those spots, especially in the spring, was a small grove of magnolia trees on the eastern edge of the Quad. There, I felt the energy of being close to the heart of campus, where people were walking, playing Frisbee and hanging out.

“Yet, the spot was secluded enough for me to settle in under the trees to study, think, or just close my eyes. When the trees were in bloom, it felt like a magical place, surrounded by the large fragrant pink flowers.

“One of my favorite thinking spots of all time.”

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