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Gail Storey

Gail Storey

Award-winning author | National Outdoor Book Award | Class of 1973

Gail Storey and Barbara Ford had this running bet throughout their grad school days in the early '70s:

Whichever one got straight As was treated by the other to a hot fudge sundae at Baskin-Robbins. 

"Who needs a better motivation than that?" Storey says from her home in Boulder, Colo.

"When grades came out, we treated each other to our well-earned sundaes. Barbara went on to direct the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs at the UI and I went on to publish two novels about an outrageous librarian as well as a memoir that won the National Outdoor Book Award.

"We also thoroughly disgraced ourselves when the Boone Farm apple wine bus loaded up a group of us grad students for a wine tasting, but we won’t go there."