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Andrea Heuson

Andrea Heuson

Finance professor | U of Miami Business School | Class of 1982

Andrea Heuson went on to be the award-winning educator she is thanks in no small part to a professor who taught her everything he knew.

Here’s looking at you, Morgan Lynge.

“He was in charge of the teaching assistant portion of the Ph.D. program and he was the most important influence on my values as an educator and our role in shaping students,” says Heuson, who left C-U for south Florida after earning her Ph.D. in finance in 1982 — and never left.

Under Lynge’s leadership at Illinois, the University of Miami’s longtime finance professor “learned how to identify crucial educational topics, write exam questions, guide student discussions, handle grading disagreements and mitigate intra-student conflicts from him.

“I am happy to report that I went straight to academics from UI and am still in that field, as a professor and academic director of real estate programs at the University of Miami.

“I learned my stuff from Morgan and I think I still know it — in the past two years or so, I won graduate and undergraduate teaching awards.”