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Latifah Al-Hazza

Latifah Al-Hazza

Social media manager | Frommer’s Travel Guides | Class of 2014

Here’s to The Clybourne — the first bar Theodore Al-Hazza ever set paw in. 

Oh yes, his companion that night remembers it well.

“I’ll never forget the time I brought my two-pound Pomeranian puppy into the bar,” says Latifah Al-Hazza (BS ’14, broadcast journalism), now the social media manager for Frommer’s Travel Guides. “Everyone loved him. Theodore was declared the mascot of Clys that night.”

Don’t judge but yes, Al-Hazza’s favorite Campustown spot is the place she made her bar debut — “I guess you can come up with a pretty accurate image of what I was like as an undergrad just from that,” she says — and, within a couple years, was on a first-name basis with the help.

Another favorite memory: her first campus visit, in the middle of winter.

“Everyone seemed to be slipping and falling on the icy sidewalks,” she says. “I also noticed an abnormal number of students wearing medical walking boots. I later learned that clearing the sidewalks was almost unheard of.

“I never made the connection between the slipping and the boots until my sophomore year, when I wiped out on the sidewalk as I was walking home from class. I found myself in a god-awful, chunky, annoying boot the very next day.

“Gotta love the risk-takers that venture out of their dorms during the winter months.”