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Ann Lee Joe

Ann Lee Joe

Climate change secretariat | UN’s German campus | Class of 1996

She lives half a world away these days but as an original townie, Ann Lee Joe still keeps tabs on the place that will always feel like home.

Well, with a few exceptions.

“I’m glad to hear Zorba’s is still around but am sorry that Record Service has closed their doors. Green Street used to have character but now looks like a strip mall. As someone might say: sad,” she writes from Bonn, Germany, where the former UI anthropology major serves as climate change secretariat at the United Nations’ campus.

At least there will always be the Quad, where Joe made many a memory.

“Whether it is trudging along the crisscrossing walkways through the snow or lying down on its grass, when I think back to on those days, I picture the Quad between Foellinger and the Union,” she says. “When roller blades were all the craze, it was one false move in the herd and boom.

“My absolute favorite memories are those of the Professor Richard Scanlan dawning his toga during classic civilization reenacting Caesar in Lincoln Hall and Professor Douglas Brewer’s anecdotes of his Egyptian escapades.”

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