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Blake Hoerr

Blake Hoerr

Director, fields/grounds | New York Jets | Class of 2001

As mentors go, Blake Hoerr figures he couldn't possibly have done better than his wrestling coach and crop sciences professor.

"I grew and changed so much in my time at the U of I," says the New York Jets' director of fields and grounds, a member of the UI Class of 2001. 

"I transferred there in order to wrestle for Mark Johnson.  I instantly found a home and friends with the other guys on the team, but this was just the start of who I was to become. 

"I always saw myself as a wrestler, but through the guidance and friendship of Dr. Henry Wilkinson, I found a passion and career. He saw something in me I had not yet seen in myself.  

"Wrestling gave me a foundation. The hard work, the late nights cutting weight, the competitive teammates all helped in the development of who I am today. All these were part of a time I look back on fondly. 

"The wrestling room was important and it seems a lifetime ago, but what I took out of the room in Huff Hall drives me to this day."