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Ashley Morgan

Ashley Morgan

Development and events coordinator | Crisis Nursery | Class of 2010

Seven years removed from undergrad, Class of 2010 media studies alumna Ashley Morgan remembers feeling one part honored, one part hesitant about joining the Gies College of Business MBA program she’d just been accepted into.

And then she met Hayden Noel and Jeff Lowenstein.

So long, stress.

“Hayden taught a marketing course, and Jeff taught a leadership course. The time and effort these two professors put into ensuring students learn amazed me,” says Morgan, now the development and events coordinator at Crisis Nursery.

“They were engaging and quite entertaining through the whole semester – I actually looked forward to going to class. I was still in touch with them both two years later at the end of the program, and know they’re available to me — even today — if I ever need anything.”

As for a favorite spot on campus, put Morgan down for C.O. Daniel’s.

“CO’s was my JAM in undergrad,” she says. “It’s long since gone, but there was nothing like an ice-cold Ice Bomb on a Wednesday night.”

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