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Leslie Hicks

Leslie Hicks

Assistant professor | UNC-Chapel Hill | Class of 2005

Champaign-Urbana is where Leslie Hicks acquired her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry — and her affection for a certain tasty treat on the dessert menu at the Courier.

“As a chemistry graduate student, most of my time at UIUC was spent doing research in Roger Adams Laboratory. However, at some point the chocolate peanut butter milkshake at Courier Café was introduced and my life changed for the positive,” the University of North Carolina assistant professor writes from Chapel Hill.

“This milkshake was (too) often the source of much-needed respite. Near the end of graduate school, fellow Kelleher graduate student (and lifelong friend) Leah Miller and I would simply look at each other and know it was time — and we would go and split a milkshake.

“I had never enjoyed ice cream in my entire life before that first Courier milkshake — and will be forever grateful.”