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Barbara Singer

Barbara Singer

ESPN VP | Sports/Fan Intelligence | Class of 1983

As cool job titles go, it's tough to top Barbara Singer's: vice president of sports and fan intelligence at ESPN.

And she might not have ever made it there if not for her time at Gregory Hall, where she held classes as a TA.

“As I finished my undergrad degree in advertising, I found out that I had received a scholarship to continue school and complete a master’s," says Singer (Class of 1983). "During grad school, I was Dr. Gordon White’s TA, which meant that I held ‘labs’ every week for students in Creative 101.

“The room upstairs in Greg Hall where I met with students was special because it represented my transition from student to person of real responsibility. I handed out creative advertising assignments each week and led the class through analysis and critique of everyone’s work, too.  

“The students and I learned a lot together in that room. It was a significant piece of the launching pad to my rewarding-beyond-my-dreams career.  

“Forever indebted to you, Illinois.”