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Bob Falato

Bob Falato

Senior VP | Northern Trust | Class of 1983

Bob Falato took his studies seriously, which paid off in the working world but didn’t help much with his college dating life in the early ’80s.

And then along came Lora.

We’ll let Falato, who graduated magna cum laude from the Gies College of Business in 1983 and is now senior VP at Northern Trust, pick it up from here.

“Lora and I met in the summer of 1982 in our hometown of Arlington Heights. It was the last day of the summer and her sister came up to me when we were at a gas station and said her sister thought I was cute and wanted to go out with me. 

“I told her I was leaving for U of I the next morning and if she wanted to go out, it would have to be tonight.

“We had fun that evening and we started dating long distance as Lora was going to Northern Illinois. As the fall semester went on, Lora visited a few times and on each occasion, I took her to the basement of the undergraduate library to study. I was very serious about my studies and I went there every day for several hours a day. I even had my ‘own’ desk that I would use. 

“Suffice it to say, Lora was looking to have more fun than I was and she broke up with me after visiting the last time. She thought I was boring.

“Four years after I graduated, we ended up reconnecting and we have been married for 27 years. I try to have a lot more fun these days and I can honestly say I enjoy being on campus more now than when I was in school. 

“In addition, all three of our kids are currently enrolled at U of I so it gives us plenty of opportunities to come back.”