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Dale Kempf

Dale Kempf

Abbvie distinguished research fellow | Director of Neglected Diseases Research | Class of 1982

Friends looking for Dale Kempf during the school year in 1978, ’79, ’80, ’81 or ’82 knew where to check first.

“As a Ph.D. student in chemistry, I spent most of my waking hours on the third floor of Roger Adams Laboratory in the group of Professor Peter Beak, who taught me to be a critical scientist,” says the Abbvie distinguished research fellow, who was chosen for a 2019 Alumni Achievement Award, the highest honor given by the UI Alumni Alliance.

“This was conveniently close to the music building, where my girlfriend, then wife — Kay Miller Kempf — was doing her graduate work.

“Some of our favorites:

Treno’s café,” conveniently located “halfway between the music and chemistry buildings.”

— “Inexpensive and healthy lunches at Bevier Hall — well-prepared and served by students.”

— “Whole-wheat crust at Garcia’s pizza.”

— “Greasy sausage and black olive pizza at Trito’s.”

— “Peanut butter-chocolate milk shakes at the Courier Café.”

“And our community of close friends for four years — and still today — were the wonderful folks at First Mennonite Church.”