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Cam Wesson

Cam Wesson

Professor of sociology and anthropology | Lehigh University | Class of 1997

No matter the size or scope of the problem facing Cam Wesson, a solution was usually just a quick chat with Dr. David Grove away.

“Although he wasn’t my dissertation advisor, he became the person whose advice I and insight I most wanted,” says Wesson, who earned his master’s (1994) and Ph.D. ('97) from the UI and is now himself a distinguished professor, at Lehigh University.

“He was always blunt and direct. Situations where I would struggle for weeks over what to do for him could be resolved in a 10-minute conversation.

“Although he could sometimes be a bit gruff, I knew his comments were always motivated by a genuine concern for my development as a scholar and as a person.

“He continues to inspire me more than 25 years later.”