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Elizabeth Engele

Elizabeth Engele

Co-founder, executive director | MakerGirl | Class of 2015

Among the smartest decisions of Elizabeth Engele’s college years: coming up with a senior year bucket list — and filling it to the brim with a mix of work and play.

“I highly recommend this because there are way too many fun activities to partake in, but not enough time to always be intentional,” the MakerGirl co-founder and executive director says from Chicago.

A few of the items Engele included:

“Fountain hopping with my friend, Chi Omega sister and Business Council mentee, Tricia Markby. We ran all over campus in our bare feet to take a study break from finals.”

“Going off campus to fun bars like Blind Pig.”

“3D printing in the new Maker lab in BIF and taking a ‘just for fun class’ — this one eventually led to my taking Noah Isserman’s social entrepreneurship class and educating 3,000 girls in STEM through MakerGirl alongside my co-founder, Julia Haried, and our new CEO, Stephanie Hein.”

Check, check and check.

“It turns out--planning a list of must-see, must-do, just-for-fun items leads to creative solutions,” Engele discovered. “I’m incredibly grateful for a campus that offered so much opportunity for unique memories and a diverse friendship circle that I continually learn from.”