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Chris Konrad

Chris Konrad

CEO/founder | Design firm Konrad+King | Class of 1991

Memory 1: "I took my brother to Murphy’s Pub for the first time after enjoying an Illini football. He was getting unruly after a couple of those blue drinks so I gave him a powerful wedgie that I pulled his under britches right off and then hung them from a rotating ceiling fan above the bar.

"Those britches may still be spinning around Murphy’s."

Memory 2: "In 1989, I was sitting on the floor outside a classroom in the English building waiting for class to begin. I met a nice girl while sitting on that floor.

"Two years later, I proposed marriage to her while sitting on the same slab of floor in the English building. She accepted."

Memory 3: "In the early 1990s during grad school, I had a blue and orange bread truck we used for tailgating at football games. We’d park in the field at West Kirby Ave. and South Fourth Street.

"One cold November Saturday evening after all the fans went home, we burned wood parking stakes in a trash can to keep warm. A fire truck arrived to put out our fire as we were streaking across the field caring nothing but flaming stakes."