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Dave Hood

Dave Hood

Founding partner | Champaign accounting firm | Class of 1980

Just two years out of college, the accounting student who as a freshman was always running late to class helped found what became one of Champaign-Urbana’s leading accounting firms.

Surely, that got Dave Hood out of Professor Phil Fess’ doghouse.

We’ll let the Martin Hood founding partner tell it:

“I remember the Friday morning quiz section for my very first accounting class. I was lucky enough to land the only quiz section led by the professor who wrote the textbook, Phil Fess.

“The only problem was that had an 8 a.m. calculus class on the third floor of Altgeld Hall and this quiz section was at 9 a.m. in the basement of Commerce West. I would sprint down the Altgeld stairs, the length of the Quad and library, and down the Comm West stairs, only to be late for class. The seat available was always in the front row on the far side of the classroom.

“Every week, Professor Fess would pause as I walked directly in front of him.

“I know I made a big impression on him.”