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David Sidney

David Sidney

Executive director | Transform Rockford | Class of 2005

David Sidney is where he is today — the results-getting executive director of Transform Rockford — thanks in no small part to a handful of faculty members he encountered during his five-year, two-degree stay in C-U.

”The late Jane Terry was a behind-the-scenes supporter, advocate and motivator for me. She helped me transition to my current career path. I’m forever grateful,” says Sidney, who earned his bachelor’s in urban and regional planning and his master’s in urban design and planning.

“Once I landed into the Urban and Regional Planning program, Emily Talen, Mary Edwards, Faranak Miraftab, Craig Rost and T. John Kim had a profound impact on me.

“I don’t think I be as engaged and successful in the transformation of the Rockford region without their rich knowledge and experience in shaping communities.”