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Donna Gilbert

Donna Gilbert

Director, worldwide materials | Apple | Class of 1988

We say Illinois, Donna Gilbert says ... Hopkins Hall.

“As a freshman, I was assigned to Hopkins, second floor. Close to IMPE, not far from the Armory, Comm West, nor the Quad,” says the 1988 graduate of the Gies College of Business, now director of worldwide materials at Apple.

“I was assigned a triple. I was the third wheel added to the room of two best friends — with matching bedding.

“I entered with trepidation but, in the end, after an awkward first few days, we became close friends and lived together for four years. We made quick friends with our side of the floor — the hall with the triples — as well as the freshman boys on Hopkins 3.

“We all lived in Hopkins for two years, and stayed close as we all moved into campus apartments. I keep in touch with some, and follow many.

"These are the friends that made my college experience and that I look back upon and talk with kids about.”