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People 88 Bay Area

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Kevin Hambly

Stanford volleyball coach

178-86, 6 NCAA tourney trips at Illinois

Mike Linksvayer

Policy director, GitHub

Bitzi co-founder, ex-Creative Commons VP

Jacob Hoffman

Product manager, social experiences

Sony PlayStation

Lisa Ligon

Nat’l sales/marketing manager

AeroPress, Inc.

Christine ‘LadyBee’ Kristen

Archivist, art collection manager

Burning Man Project

Kristy Green

Business director

ASTRO Studios

Stacy Marks

Big Ten Medal of Honor

Sr. director, Accruent

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An education that proves your purpose

Zack Rosen

CEO, co-founder

Pantheon Systems

Molly Maloof

Bay Area physician entrepreneur

Strategic consultant

Marilyn Joy Coles

Professor emerita

Eastern Illinois University

Louise Lee Ryoo


El Roble Home Care

Donna Gilbert

Director, worldwide materials


Matt Frisbie

Google software engineer


Lori Bitter


The Business of Aging

Jeanne Gang

World-renowned architect

Designed Chicago’s Aqua Tower

Vicki Ku

Senior product manager


Alex Shirazi

Managing director


Avinash Kumar

Research scientist

Intel Labs

Michelle Thimesch


CrowdFund Main Street

Eugene Morozov


Icobox Hub

Kevin Keeker

Principal researcher

Sony PlayStation North America

Brandon Peele

Leadership consultant

Served on Interfraternity Council

Paul Kivela


American College of Emergency Physicians

Shannon (McCarty) Everley



Paula Welander

Stanford assistant professor

Earth System Science