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People 103 Bay Area

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Norman Beamer

Administrative patent judge

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Doniel Sutton

Co-owner, Commercial Aquatic Services

Former Senior VP/People, PayPal

Mike Cassidy

Lead storyteller, Signifyd

Former columnist, San Jose Mercury News

Grace Gong

Capital markets analyst

Sigma Delta Partners Investment

Bryan Thomas Jr.

Associate Director, EDGE Doctoral Fellowship Program

Stanford University

Leslie Erganian

Artist and author

Co-author, 2019 release 'NEW WEST: Innovating at the Intersection’

Adam Swiatek

Manager, corporate marketing

Carnival Corp.

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Chirantan ‘CJ' Desai

Chief product officer


Audrey (Butkus) Merlone

Planner, legislative affairs

City & county of San Francisco

Charlotte Roh

Scholarly communications librarian

University of San Francisco

Devi Laskar

Author, poet, photographer

Debut novel: ‘The Atlas of Reds and Blues’

Donald Harris

Stanford professor emeritus

Kamala Harris’ dad

Lynne Thieme

Software engineer

Trustee, Delta Gamma Foundation

Emelyn Baker

Interaction designer


Justin Kardel


Sextus Industries

Kevin Hambly

Stanford volleyball coach

178-86, 6 NCAA tourney trips at Illinois

Mike Linksvayer

Policy director, GitHub

Bitzi co-founder, ex-Creative Commons VP

Jacob Hoffman

Product manager, social experiences

Sony PlayStation

Lisa Ligon

Nat’l sales/marketing manager

AeroPress, Inc.

Christine ‘LadyBee’ Kristen

Archivist, art collection manager

Burning Man Project

Kristy Green

Business director

ASTRO Studios

Zack Rosen

CEO, co-founder

Pantheon Systems

Molly Maloof

Bay Area physician entrepreneur

Strategic consultant

Marilyn Joy Coles

Professor emerita

Eastern Illinois University

Louise Lee Ryoo


El Roble Home Care