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Doug Isbell

Doug Isbell

Communications specialist | NASA | Class of 1987

For a good time in the mid-'80s, Doug Isbell would head to the forner Record Swap on Green Street. 

“I hesitate to tally how many hours I spent flipping through the incredible used record bins at $3.99 and $4.99 each, or slowly learning my way through the booming new wave/alternative scene by trying to decipher the cryptic notes on the little round stickers attached to the clear plastic record sleeves by staffer Charlie Edwards, the mysterious goateed host of the 'The Quaker Goes Deaf' radio show," says the NASA communications specialist.

“I stayed loosely in touch with Charlie as he worked in a various Chicago record stores, and now, thanks to social media, we are closer than ever, as he continues to do a bi-weekly show of the latest avant garde modern rock at WESN.org in Bloomington. 

“I often chime in on Facebook with a ‘You’re rocking sunny Burbank, CA!’”