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Scott Fosler

Scott Fosler

NCAA assistant director | Brand strategies/events | Class of 1992

Dee Brown, Scott Fosler was not.

But the future NCAA assistant director and self-described "renowned gunner" spent a lot of quality time on the courts of IMPE, where he's near certain that he might hold a few UI rec basketball records — "for most 3-point attempts and field goals ... well, at least attempts."

Tongue firmly in cheek, he picks it up from here.

“I enjoyed the campus bars, football and basketball games, the Quad and sometimes even classes, but there was nothing I loved more than a good game of pick-up or intramural basketball. Unless it was golf season and I was at the Savoy Orange Course, I was usually at IMPE at least four days a week after class and once or twice on the weekend. 

"Although disputed as a physical impossibility based on my height, wingspan and vertical leaping inability by virtually everyone – I still maintain that my lone career dunk was recorded at the IMPE large gym's far north court when I used the upward inertia of a defender to serve up what would have been a posterizing one-handed Kenny Battle-esque jam in traffic.  

“I was always amazed that Lou Henson did not spend more time scouting the recreational courts for a reserve 3-point shooter to spell Andy Kaufmann or Tommy Michael. My resume, self-reported stats and verbal highlight reel was always close at hand ready for him to review.”