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Frank Sinton

Frank Sinton

COO | A. Smith & Co. | Class of 1984

Frank Sinton (’84) found the love of his life in an unlikely place — the laundry room at Allen Hall.

Michelle Ziomek (also ’84) “caught my eye because she was not only pretty, but she was wearing a very nice blouse. I’d soon find out it was because it was her only clean shirt. She also told me about one of the washing machines that you didn’t need to put money in to make it work.

“A pretty girl who knew how to beat the system — I was hooked. Thirty six-years later, we’re still doing laundry together.”

Another Allen Hall story, from the guy who’d go on to hold titles that included vice president of programming for Fox Sports Net, involved a project for psychology class.

“One of the perks of living there was they would loan camera equipment to the residents. I borrowed a Super 8 camera and instead of writing a paper I cast my friends and made a short film instead about what happens inside a person’s brain. It was an amusing battle for control between the Id, the Ego and the Superego over the challenging decision of whether to eat ice cream or not. 

“I remember writing the credits on a roll of paper towels. I’m not sure if I was fully aware of it at the time, but clearly my career path was being forged and the direction was heading toward entertainment.”

Postscript: “That’s also how I met my dear friend, Phil Krupp (’85), who borrowed the equipment after me and become a filmmaker of his own.”