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Jon Asamoah

Jon Asamoah

5-year NFL lineman | Academic All-Big Ten | Class of 2009

Beating Michigan at Memorial Stadium as a senior in 2009 was a hoot. But as memorable campus moments go, that paled in comparison to what four-year Illini starter and future NFL lineman Jon Asamoah (BS ’09) experienced as a freshman at Scott Hall.

“A major snowstorm had passed through town, prompting the university to decide to shut down campus for the day,” he says. “It was the first snow day for the university in I do not remember how many years.

“You would have sworn all of us who lived there were no older than 7 judging by the excitement on our faces. People were running to the dining hall to grab trays to go outside and use them as sleds.

“It was magical. Best snow day ever.”