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Patty Cisneros Prevo

Patty Cisneros Prevo

3-time basketball Paralympian | Coached Illini women to national title | Class of 2003

We say Illinois, Patty Cisneros Prevo says ... Disability Resources & Educational Services.

“Some of my fondest memories come from DRES,” the three-time Paralympian and two-time gold medal winner says from Madison, Wis., where she’s a picture book writer.

“As a student-athlete back in 2001-03, I spent most of my time at DRES. It is where all the wheelchair basketball and track athletes hung out. It was our home away from home; our family gathering place.

“And the head of our family was — and still is — Maureen Gilbert. She had that warm yet tough love persona. You could go to her for anything and she would be more than willing to help out.

“When I came back to the university in 2007-09 as the head coach of women’s wheelchair basketball team, DRES had that same family feeling. Mo had a large part in cultivating that safe, loving environment.”