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Grace Walsh

Grace Walsh

Senior analyst | United Airlines | Class of 2015

Grace Walsh's UI happy place is the Business Instructional Facility, where the future United Airlines analyst and her classmates "learned about credits and debits from a dancing professor; translated macroeconomic principles into everyday understanding — pizza and beer economics; and coordinated our Thursday night plans in the great and airy atrium of our college home base."

"BIF," says the Class of '15 alum and former NASA analyst, "was the launchpad for pre-requisite classes to venture to India and Brazil, the location where I answered crucial interview questions for my first internship and my full-time job, and most notably, the very spot where I would meet my future fiance in that introductory accounting class we took together many years ago.

“We were lucky to have BIF throughout our college experience and this spot housed me and my classmates for four years as we bonded through classes, club meetings, study groups, jobs and college life. I will always remember BIF as a focal point in my college experience.”