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Danielle DuMerer

Danielle DuMerer

Chief information officer | City of Chicago | Class of 1999

Three cheers for the professor who made Foellinger fun for a freshman Danielle Dumeier

We speak, of course, of the late, great Richard Scanlan, who taught Greek and Roman mythology to throngs of wide-eyed teens I’m the big auditorium.  

“Professor Scanlan brought the subject matter to life, often coming in costume, and always engaged us with the content he knew so well. He also led us in chanting I-L-L-I-N-I, instilling a sense of camaraderie and pride in our school," says DuMerer ('99), now the chief information officer for the city of Chicago.

“While there are many places that I think of from my time at U of I — from the house I lived in during my junior and senior years at Springfield and Busey to the Oregon Computer Lab, where I pulled many an all nighter — Foellinger Auditorium is the place that I feel really bookended my experience.   

"I also graduated in Foellinger, and remember taking those steps up after four years of hard work and growth to get my English literature degree awarded with highest distinction.”