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Jose Martinez

Jose Martinez

Cornell professor | Distinguished Alumni Award | Class of 2002

It's been a decade-and-a-half since he was a regular but Jose Martinez still knows his way around his favorite Irish pub in Campustown.

“One of my favorite spots during my time at UIUC as a grad student was Murphy’s on Green Street," says the Cornell professor of electrical and computer engineering ('02).

"There were two things that were very Murphy-esque.

"The first one was the fries, still with the skin on them. I remember — I’m not sure if the cooks actually used it — there was this vintage-looking, lever-actuated potato slicer bolted on the wall. I guess the lever would force the unpeeled potato through a grid, and uncooked fries would come out the other end.  

“The second one was the people yelling ‘Door!’ during the winter months, when some patrons hung around the pub’s entrance for a little too long.”