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Jake Becraft

Jake Becraft

Co-founder, CEO | Strand Therapeutics | Class of 2013

If it was a Tuesday evening in the first part of this decade, it’s a good bet that patent-holding, Goldwater Scholarship-winning, synthetic biology-researching future CEO Jake Becraft could be found at 708 South Sixth Street.

(And no, that’s not the address of the  Chemical Engineering Building).

“The number one place I remember is Firehaus. Two-dollar you-call-it got me through my time as a chemical engineering major like nothing else could,” Becraft (BS ’13, chemical and biomolecular engineering) says from the Boston area, where he co-founded Strand Therapeutics.

“Fishbowl Tuesdays were filled with me ordering one solid fishbowl for myself, and then walking it around, distributing the contents to friends like a drunken Santa of blue liquor.

“I have fallen down those stairs more times than I can recount, and the dance parties I would have on the top floor were better than any true dance club that existed.”