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Jeff Legwold

Jeff Legwold

Senior writer | ESPN | Class of 1985

Gregory Hall is where the late, great Richard Hildwein taught his wildly popular photojournalism class. 

Oh yes, Pro Football Writers Association of America President Jeff Legwold remembers it well. 

“Professor Hildwein made my parents’ life when he told a joke about my travails as a photographer at the communications graduation ceremony in 1985,” says Legwold, who covers the NFL for ESPN. “And there was no question: I was the all-time worst photographer to walk the halls — ‘never focused, never framed’ was my motto. 

“I once took a photo so out of whack, he asked me what was wrong and I told him, with a straight face, I had glaucoma. He then laughed and away we went. 

“I loved his class, I was simply terrible at it."