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Tiasha Stevenson

Tiasha Stevenson

Vice president | MSL Group | Class of 2004

The club Tiasha Stevenson frequented many a late night in the first part of last decade didn’t have drink specials or a dance floor.

"Club Undergrad" was the alias for the Undergrad Library — a campus hot spot “loud enough that you could have meetings there for group projects and it was centrally located," recalls Stevenson, now a Chicago-based vice president at MSL Group, a public relations network of companies.

"It was a place you could go to gather all of your data — and see your friends — then leave and to do the real intense studying it took to succeed.

"I remember it fondly and hope it still has that same vibrant community feel today.”

Among the highligts of her post-Illinois life: A decade after earning her diploma, Stevenson returned to campus to address 2014 communication graduates at the department's commencement ceremony.