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Alex Moscoso

Alex Moscoso

Chief economist | Transportation Security Administration | Class of 2005

Just across campus from where a young Gene Hackman learned how to act, Ang Lee dabbled in directing and Roger Ebert critiqued his first films, the future chief economist of the TSA earned college credits for watching movies.

As secondary fields of study go, it’d be tough to top Alex Moscoso’s.

“While I majored in economics, for a while I also pursued a film minor, and nearly all of the film class screenings were in the Armory,” the 2005 grad says from Washington, D.C.

“I watched so many different genres of film that I had never have been exposed to — classics, foreign and cultural films. These movies and the classes taught me to analyze themes beyond the narrative and look for deeper meanings within the pictures.

“My film classes were where I felt that out-of-the-box thinking was most encouraged and applied. And it is a trait that has stayed with me and been helpful in my career.”