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Jennifer Ramirez

Jennifer Ramirez

Weather officer, Air Force | Hickam AFB, Hawaii | Class of 2016

For future Air Force weather officer Jennifer Ramirez ('16) and friends, it was a tradition unlike any other: hit the bars on the weekend, then meet up the next morning at their favorite off-campus eatery.

"We’d wake up to the group text pinging ‘OG?’ No matter how hungover we were, we’d manage to all meet again at The Original Pancake House out on Springfield to talk and laugh about memories from the night before over coffee and pancakes we swore had crack in them. 

"We’re all spread out across the globe now, but we still snap the group whenever we have 'morning after pancakes' and talk about the next time we’ll all be able to meet in Champaign for Blue Guys at Kam’s and OG.”