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Karyn Greer

Karyn Greer

Investigative reporter | CBS 46, Atlanta | Class of 1984

Before she became an Emmy-winning, news-breaking investigative reporter for the CBS affiliate in Atlanta, this happened to Karyn Greer (’84).

(We kid you not).

“I worked at WICD-TV and WCIA-TV as a student to get my size 10 in the broadcasting door. I remember rushing to Garcia’s Pizza before work to get that famed gutbuster slice, totally oblivious to traffic. 

“As I crossed in the middle of the street, I was ever so slightly hit by a car. The driver was so upset and worried about me that she made me wait for the police officer to come. 

“Guess what happened? I got a ticket for jaywalking, and the driver was not cited. After that, I started paying better attention while walking around campus and learned to cross at the crosswalk.”