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Kathleen Piche

Kathleen Piche

Mental health spokeswoman | Los Angeles County | Class of 1984

Long before she became the spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Kathleen Piche (BS '84) could be heard spinning records from 3-6 Sunday mornings on WLRW.

“So, if I went out on Saturday night, I’d be home by 10 p.m. to get up and ride my bike from Allen Hall across campus to the station, which at that time was located in the basement of Weston Hall.

“That was rough. But I persevered” — long enough to be promoted to the midnight-3 a.m. shift, then to WPGU, “the station that people really listened to,” she says. “I’d occasionally get in trouble from the program director, Dave Priest, because I didn’t like to play the ‘heavy rotation’ hits every hour.

"My cousins listened to my show and still talk about me playing Van Halen or the Kinks, rocking out on Sunday morning.”