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Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell

Fleet services manager | City of Chicago | Class of 1992

An Illini love story, Barton Hall edition, by Kevin Campbell, who found bride Wendy (that's them in the photo) there ...

Jen, one of the girls on her floor, had been hit by a car while walking to class, and she was laid up in bed recuperating. Wendy and her friends decided to cheer her up by having a ‘macaroni party’. They whipped up several boxes of mac ’n cheese in their hot pots and invited people into Jen’s dorm room. I guess they figured that if Jen couldn’t come to a party, the party would come to her.

“I can’t even remember who invited me, but I do remember that party as the occasion when I met Wendy. We started going out soon afterwards, and recently celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. We have three wonderful daughters whom I hope can some day follow in our footsteps and become Illini.

"When they ask me what college was like, I always tell them ‘It’s the best four — or in my case five-and-a-half — years of your life.’

“As a side note, my friend Jason accompanied me to the party, and afterwards he remarked: 'Who was that cute girl who never got out of bed?”

"He and Jen have been married 20-plus years, as well, and also have three kids.”