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Cory Bradford

Cory Bradford

UI’s 5th all-time scorer | 1,735 points, 1999-2002 | Class of 2002

If there was an upside to living in the dorms his first two years, the chow was it for Cory Bradford, who from 1998-2002 scored the sixth-most points in UI basketball history.

“Each dormitory in the Six Pack had its own thing — one would have the pits out for barbecue, one had tacos, another had strictly breakfast food — and we’d all share," says Bradford, who's still playing professionally overseas, these days in Bosnia.

The grub fests ended after he and roommate Sergio McClain moved out in 1999, Bradford says, “but we got a little taste of it my senior year when Luther Head and Roger Powell were freshmen and we’d sneak our way back in.”