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Megan Roegge

Megan Roegge

Case worker | AdoptHelp | Class of 2015

Cram 11 young women into one house, and what do you get?

We’ll let Megan Roegge (MSW ’15) — one of the senior occupants of “the 510,” a no-frills home at First and Healy — answer that one.

“It was an old, crappy house but we had the most fun that year despite a few bumps along the road — specifically, when the sewage from all of Healy Street exploded into our basement bathroom through the toilet, making our house reek like a petting zoo for a good few weeks,” says the case worker and legal assistant at AdoptHelp, Inc., of Sherman Oaks, Calif.

“The conditions we lived in were comparable to a frat house but we threw the best parties, had a great front porch and somehow survived. Eleven girls in one house is a lot but we did it and we had a ton of fun.

“I’m sure my parents would hope that my greatest memory was all of the good grades I got but I think my friendships are what stands out the most about college.”