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Mei Tsang

Mei Tsang

Orange Co. law partner | Umberg Zipser LLP | Class of 2002

In a world before iPhones and iPads, Kindles and Nooks, Mei Tsang’s top two hangouts both contained shelves upon shelves of books.

On campus, it was the UI law library. Off campus, the late, great Pages for All Ages.

“The library was great because downstairs is where you see a lot of students huddling together to study, and where you hear gossip first-hand. You can always get notes from someone there about something,” says the Irvine, Calif., law partner (JD ’02).

“When I was on law review and we still used books back then, we spent hours there looking through actual books. Those were the days.

“Upstairs was quiet and you can go get some peace and to really study. I think quite a few mock interviews were held up there, too. So it was a ‘serious’ place.

“Pages for All Ages was also a great place to study but provided enough distraction with all the various interesting categories of books, magazines, CDs — yes, CDs — and various trinkets they had there. You’d always end up bumping into someone, too.”