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Kate Davis

Kate Davis

Assistant professor | Texas A&M College of Engineering | Class of 2009

If it happened to Kate Davis at Illinois, it’s a good bet it happened at one of three favorite hangouts just off campus.

“I think often about the great coffee shops in C-U — in particular Paradiso, Kopi and Flying Machine,” says the Texas A&M assistant professor of engineering, who earned two postgrad degrees in her field at the UI.

“Those coffee shops are anchors; they provide not just wonderful coffee drinks but an inspiring atmosphere that has probably generated and nourished more seeds of deep thought — that have gone on to change the world — than one can count. 

“For example, my memories of writing my Ph.D. thesis or working on the most interesting problems are tightly intermixed with memories of these wonderful cafes.

“When thinking about C-U, I do think first about PowerWorld Corporation and the great people there who have mentored and supported me both personally and in my career. Thank you.

“Several professors at UIUC — especially Tom Overbye, Pete Sauer and Bill Sanders — have had a tremendous influence on me and the person I have tried to become.”