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People 46 2002

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Neal King Groothuis

Software engineer, Troops

Google alum

Bill Self

3 seasons, 3 NCAA tournaments

78-24 as Illini basketball coach (2000-03)

Yeerik Moy

VP, Labor Relations

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sarah Vargo

Artist, life coach, author

‘Life Is Your Party ... With A Little Pixie Dust’

Kim Vandenbroucke

Game inventor/developer

Brainy Chick Inc.

Shannon Gedey



Brandon Peele

Leadership consultant

Served on Interfraternity Council

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Jill Mazurek

Head of finance

The Mom Project

Al Goldstein



Jared Green

Senior associate/VP

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

Stephanie Majewski

Associate professor of physics

University of Oregon

Michael Osacky



Jason Niermann

R&D executive

PepsiCo, Inc.

Jonathan Kite

Actor, comedian

CBS' ‘2 Broke Girls’

Kurt Kittner

Managing director

JLL of Chicago

Jess Brown

Senior VP

Carollo Engineers

Mei Tsang

Orange Co. law partner

Umberg Zipser LLP

Alan Shahtaji

San Diego physician

U.S. Soccer Federation

Nik Lapin

Sr. manager/partnerships

EZLinks Golf LLC

Sheri Shaw

Asst. dean/student success


Gala Wind

Research scientist

Joined NASA in 2002

Lynette Tan

Executive director

Singapore Space/Tech. Assn.

Ben Bain

D.C.-based reporter

Bloomberg LP

Bobby Jackson

4-year starter at safety

Now living in Omaha

Mariam Sobh


CBS Radio Chicago