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Michelle Bassett

Michelle Bassett

VP/digital media | Bassett & Bassett | Class of 1996

The first stop on Michelle Bassett’s whirl down memory lane: the Graduate Library.

“As a first-generation university student, my favorite routine after class was to go to the Graduate Library to study. The long tables, the endless rows of books, the beautiful stained glass — even the smell of the pages and leather covers — it always made me feel grateful and almost giddy that I got the privilege of spending hours taking in ideas and learning how big the world could really be,” says the vice president for digital media at Bassett & Bassett of Detroit.

“Taking those ideas into discussion at La Casa Cultural Latina with a group of people that came to be my campus family formed some of the greatest memories of my college life. To be honest, I’d love to steal away to the Stacks still on any given day.”